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Can you deduct home office expenses?

Working from home has become commonplace. But just because you have a home office space doesn’t mean you can deduct expenses associated with it. And for 2018, even fewer taxpayers will be eligible for a home office deduction. Changes under the TCJA For employees, home office expenses are a miscellaneous itemized deduction. For 2017, this… Continue Reading

Spring 2015 Leading Edge Magazine Now Available

The newest ideas, insights and perspectives you’ve come to rely on for your business are ready to be accessed any time, anywhere at If you have topics you would like us to cover, please connect with us. As always, we enjoy receiving comments and feedback from our clients and the friends for our firm…. Continue Reading

Watch out for the wash sale rule

If you’ve cashed in some big gains this year, consider looking for unrealized losses in your portfolio and selling those investments before year end to offset your gains. This can reduce your 2014 tax liability. But if you want to minimize the impact on your asset allocation, keep in mind the wash sale rule. It… Continue Reading

Using the Change Success Model to Implement New Initiatives in Your Business

Hi my name is Byron Hebert, and this is another Tool Time update brought to you by your friends at PKF Texas, and the Entrepreneur’s Playbook. What I want to talk to you about today is a change success model, and the importance of having a good change success model in your business. Unfortunately, the… Continue Reading

Meeting User Needs Should be Paramount to Product Design

Jen: This is the PKF Texas: Entrepreneurs Playbook. I’m Jen Lemanski, this week’s guest host, and I’m here again with Kelsey Ruger, the Chief Experience Officer at CogMine and the President of the Houston Interactive Marketing Association. Welcome back to the Playbook, Kelsey. Kelsey: Thanks, Jen. Jen: So when we talked about your title as… Continue Reading