Our Approachable Advisors™ work with 501(c) (3), (4), (6) and (7) entities, including public charities, private foundations, professional associations, social and recreation clubs and more. With an understanding that not-for-profit entities have unique needs, we care about the heart and soul of your organization, which is why we are dedicated to co-creating an experience that allows you to focus on what matters most to you.

Appreciative Clients

Appreciative Clients

Communities in Schools

"PKF Texas provided vital counsel during a major restructure of our organization, with great suggestions for internal control improvements and 401(k) changes. They are proactive and consistently make us aware of changes in accounting standards that will affect our organization.

Even during the challenging times of our restructure, PKF Texas was patient and understanding, while also holding us to a high standard.

Excellent customer service and constant availability set PKF Texas apart. We have a business relationship that exists throughout the entire year, not just during an audit. We share the same goal; PKF Texas wants us to be successful just as much as we do." - , Communities in Schools

Appreciative Clients

Cenikor Foundation

"PKF Texas was getting into the not-for-profit arena around the time we were introduced to them, so it was an excellent fit. We have been very pleased with their professionalism, as well as how they meet every deadline.

One thing we highly value from PKF Texas is how they keep us abreast of the latest accounting standards and practices for Not-for-Profit organizations. This allows us to stay focused on day-to-day responsibilities and still feel confident and prepared.

We enjoy our relationship with PKF Texas and appreciate the ability to bounce ideas around with them to find the best course of action for our organization. They are really easy to work with because they have made the effort to become familiar with the ins-and-outs of our business." -Matt Kuhlman, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
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