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We understand that in today’s ever-changing environment, affluent individuals and families have unique tax and financial service needs. We work with client families to develop and implement strategies that increase after-tax cash flow, ensure the passing of the desired level of intergenerational wealth and mitigate risk as to required Federal and State income tax filings.

Appreciative Clients

Appreciative Clients

Fayez Sarofim & Co.

"Sarofim has been a client of PKF Texas for more than 15 years. They performed several services for us. An independence issue arose with our primary auditor, and we had to move some tax services to another firm. We chose PKF Texas and they stepped in and did a great job.

Working with PKF Texas has been an incredible experience. So much so, we’ve given them more and more work over the years, both tax work and audit- related services. The service and quality of the experience are exceptional, and we’ve found that working with PKF Texas is very cost-effective. We’ve gotten to know their team well. They are a top-notch group of people.

Their team has never let us down or missed a deadline. We’ve referred them to several of our clients that requested an accounting firm referral, and they have referred several people to us that have been excellent employees. The PKF Texas experience all boils down to cost-effective pricing, plus quality and service." -Dan Crumrine, Chief Financial Officer

Appreciative Clients

POM Asset Management

"Our experience with PKF Texas has been extremely positive. They are tuned into our business and accommodate our needs. To start with, they are very familiar with the family office concept. Because of that, they give us advice when we need it. If we tell them we need something, they go to work and find a solution for us. It's been very productive in that sense because they have a good overall picture of what our needs are.

We learned about PKF Texas through one of our family lawyers after our longtime CPA tragically passed away. We called and asked him for a referral, because we needed the right firm right away. He recommended two different firms and said we needed to interview both. He said, “I think I can tell you where you will end up,” and it was definitely with PKF Texas. They jumped in right away and bailed us out, doing all 11 of our returns. From that experience, we embarked on a new level of reporting with each of our different entities, and PKF Texas was able to work seamlessly with each.

Their team is very engaged with what we’re doing and providing us with the right information to help us. Whenever we give them direction on our timeline they are willing to work with us on it. The level of care and sensitivity to us as a client sets them apart. Their ability to make us feel important and included is second to none. We feel like we are their only client. " -Richard and Kimberly Rawson, POM Asset Management
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