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Fiscal Sponsorships – How They Work for Charities

Fiscal sponsorships occur when an established charity provides a kind of legal and financial umbrella to a charitable project that lacks 501(c)(3) status. This type of arrangement can benefit both groups. But before agreeing to be a sponsor, be sure you understand how these arrangements work and the risks involved. Mutually Beneficial In a fiscal… Continue Reading

How to Navigate Your Not-For-Profit During Growth Stage

A not-for-profit’s growth stage generally starts two or three years after formation and continues until maturity at around age seven. This period comes with a sense of accomplishment and the opportunity to refine and expand, but these “adolescent” years can pose challenges as well. Board Shifts Perhaps the most common marker of a growth-stage not-for-profit… Continue Reading

Tips for Recruiting Volunteers for Your Not-For-Profit

Most charitable not-for-profits have a never-ending need for volunteers. But finding new ones can be time-consuming — and volunteer searches aren’t always successful. Here are recruitment ideas that can help your not-for-profit. Look Nearby Is your not-for-profit familiar to businesses, residents and schools in the surrounding community? People often are drawn to volunteer because they… Continue Reading

Tips for Fostering Beneficial PR for Your Nonprofit

For most nonprofit organizations, there’s no such thing as too much good publicity. If you’re struggling to get enough attention from media outlets, follow these tips: 1. Seize the day. Raise your nonprofit’s profile by putting out news releases regularly rather than just occasionally. A variety of events, such as the addition of a key… Continue Reading

Houston CPA Society Energy Conference Chair, Brian Baumler & Vice Chair, David Butler Discuss The 13th Annual Conference

Russ: Hi, I’m Russ Capper with The BusinessMakers Show and I’m here to talk about the 13th annual Houston CPA Society Energy Conference, and I’m joined by Brian Baumler, Audit Director and head of the energy practice at PKF Texas, and Chair of the conference; Brian, good to see you. Brian: Good to see you… Continue Reading

Strategic Planning Using Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Does your company have a sustainable competitive advantage? It should! Byron Hebert, director of Entrepreneurial Advisory Services at PKF Texas, offers another Tool Time Update. Hi, my name is Byron Hebert, and this is another quick Tool Time update by PKF Entrepreneur Playbook. What I want to talk to you today about is the sustainable… Continue Reading

Spring 2015 Leading Edge Magazine Now Available

The newest ideas, insights and perspectives you’ve come to rely on for your business are ready to be accessed any time, anywhere at If you have topics you would like us to cover, please connect with us. As always, we enjoy receiving comments and feedback from our clients and the friends for our firm…. Continue Reading

Impact of Infrastructure Improvements at the Port of Houston

Karen: This is PKF Texas Entrepreneur’s Playbook; I’m Karen Love, the host and Founder. And so today I’m here with Frances Castañeda-Dyess and she’s the President of the Houston East End Chamber of Commerce. Welcome back to the playbook, Frances. Frances: Thank you Karen for having me back. Karen: Well you know manufacturing is still… Continue Reading

Microbrewing as a Culinary Trend – Interview with Rassul Zarinfar of Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

  Jen: This is the PKF Texas: Entrepreneur’s Playbook. I’m Jen Lemanski, this week’s guest host, and I’m here again with Rassul Zarinfar, the founder and CEO of Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company. Welcome back to the Playbook, Rassul. Rassul: Thank you so much for having me. Jen: Now, we’ve kind of seen over the last few years kind… Continue Reading

Economic Climate in Texas Drives Growth

In the past few weeks, there have been two excellent articles in the Wall Street Journal about how Texas and Houston’s growth friendly attitudes and regulatory environments have played a role in attracting talent and companies from other states. “Success and the City” focuses on Houston and what sets it apart from other major metropolitan… Continue Reading

Exporting in the Global Consumer Market Helps Grow Your Business

Russ: This is PKF Texas, Entrepreneurs Playbook. I’m Russ Capper, this week’s guest host. And we’re continuing on the topic of Port Advisory services. And I’m here with Keith Miceli, International Business Advisor at PKF Texas. Welcome back to the Playbook, Keith. Keith: Nice to be back! Russ: With all of the exporting that’s taking… Continue Reading

New IRA for Small Employers

The Department of Treasury is working on a program for employee retirement savings for small employers and employers with no retirement plan. “The U.S. Department of the Treasury will develop the myRA (“My Retirement Account”) program, offering a new retirement savings account for individuals looking for a simple, safe, and affordable way to start saving.”… Continue Reading

Japan and Houston – Insights from The Honorable Nozomu Takaoka – Coffee with the Consuls

Russ: This is PKF Texas Entrepreneur’s Playbook. I’m Russ Capper, this week’s guest host and I’m here with the honorable Nozomu Takaoka, Consul General of Japan, who is taking part in Coffee with the Consuls. Welcome to the Playbook Mr. Takaoka. Nozomu: Thank you very much for having me, I’m very honored. Russ: Well how… Continue Reading