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Start Planning for Your 2018 Taxes Now!

With the April 17 individual income tax filing deadline behind you (or with your 2017 tax return on the back burner if you filed for an extension), you may be hoping to not think about taxes for the next several months. But for maximum tax savings, now is the time to start tax planning for… Continue Reading

Houston CPA Society Energy Conference Chair, Brian Baumler & Vice Chair, David Butler Discuss The 13th Annual Conference

Russ: Hi, I’m Russ Capper with The BusinessMakers Show and I’m here to talk about the 13th annual Houston CPA Society Energy Conference, and I’m joined by Brian Baumler, Audit Director and head of the energy practice at PKF Texas, and Chair of the conference; Brian, good to see you. Brian: Good to see you… Continue Reading

Convergence 2012 – Wednesday Highlights

Wednesday’s Highlights Doug Kennedy, Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics Partners, opened the final keynote presentation with a summary of our previous days’ events (including a recap of conference attendees’ volunteer efforts to give back to the local community), followed by an energetic performance by Dance Houston, and an advance welcome to next year’s event in New… Continue Reading

Energy Industry Challenges and Opportunities in a Boom Time

Note: Running weekly in, PKF Texas – Entrepreneur’s Playbook® is a continuing series of tips brought to you by Greg Price. These run Sunday evenings during the BusinessMakers Radio Show on KPRC 950AM. PKF Texas: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook® – Energy Industry from The Businessmakers on Vimeo. Greg: This is PKF Texas and another edition… Continue Reading