We had record-breaking attendance to our webinar, “2021 Accounting and Tax Updates and Changes for Not-for-Profits,” on August 25, 2021! According to a polling question, 60% of attendees were not-for-profit executive team members. We were bummed to move the seminar from in-person to virtual due to the rise in the Delta variant of COVID-19. The PKF Texas team members were looking forward to meeting with attendees!

PKF Texas promotional graphic for webinar on August 25, 2021 titled, "2021 Accounting and Tax Updates and Changes for Not-for-Profits"

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Jen: This is the PKF Texas Entrepreneur’s Playbook. I’m Jen Lemanski, this week’s host, and I’m here with Chip Schweiger, and audit director and a member of the PKF Texas SEC team. Chip welcome back to the Playbook.

Chip: Thanks Jen, good to be here.

Jen: So President Trump signed into law the Tax Act on December 21, 21017, it’s got a lot in it; what do SEC companies need to know that’s going to affect them?

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