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Millennials More Likely to Live at Home

A shift in demographics has led to a larger number of millennials living with their parents. A survey conducted by The Pew Research Center found that for the first time on record, the most common living arrangement for young adults is living back at home with 32% of millennials following this trend. This change comes… Continue Reading

Recruiting and Retention in Houston’s Hot Economy

Karen: This is PKF Texas: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook® and I’m Karen Love. I’m the host and co-founder. Today I’m here with Annabella Green, the Director of Human Capital and Firm Administration of the accounting firm of PKF Texas. Welcome to the Playbook Annabella. Annabella: Thank you Karen. Thank you for having me. Karen: Houston economy:… Continue Reading

Steer Your Career

“At the end of the day you have to be in the driver’s seat of your career. Don’t be afraid to ask for more responsibilities or expand your role.” – Alex W. Obregon It can be easy to sit back and let others steer your career, but not taking charge can lead to career apathy…. Continue Reading

Using Mentors to Gain Insight and Create Opportunities

 “Seek out a career mentor.” – Alex W. Obregon Getting back on track may require an outside perspective. Seek out a mentor, someone who has been in your current position and can coach you on how to create opportunities to grow your career in a desired direction. Stay tuned for our full article discussing rejuvenating… Continue Reading

Identifying Issues to Avoid Career Apathy

“Find the real issue. Is it because not enough responsibilities? Is it your superiors? The career? Location? Once you can pinpoint the issue, decide what the best course of action will be.” – Bryce Chastain When things aren’t going our way, we tend to see every problem as its own separate issue; however, most problems… Continue Reading

New Year, Old Job? Turning Career Apathy into Career Opportunities

In honor of the coming New Year, the Cubesters surveyed professionals over the causes of career apathy and solutions to make your old job feel new again. Look for more blog posts in the coming weeks and for the Cubester Chat article appearing in the January 2014 edition of the Leading Edge magazine. “Look for… Continue Reading

Welcome to The CPA Desk!

You may have noticed we’ve drawn a crowd and have rearranged the furniture. The CPA Desk is a new space for us to share, inform and otherwise prove we’re your trusted advisor. The world is noisy. We believe in using technology as a tool to spur conversation in real life. We believe outstanding execution is… Continue Reading

Guest Spotlight: Raissa Evans – 3,164 SXSW Proposals Later, What I’ve Learned

Raissa Evans is the Executive Manager of the Practice Growth team for PKF Texas.  She is an active member of the Houston Interactive community and 2012 will be the third year in a row she has attended the SXSW Interactive festival. PKF Texas is again joining the ranks of those attending the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive… Continue Reading